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How Can An Attorney Assist Me If I Have Been Accused Of Harassment At Work In Manhattan Lawyer, Manhattan

My law firm represents executives, professionals, supervisors, and managers in all stages of their companies’ internal investigations against them for sexual harassment or other unlawful workplace harassment. We confer with the employee about the facts and we review the relevant documents. We prepare the accused executive or professional for interviews with investigators. As the accused’s counsel, we take part in those interviews.

We endeavor to rebut the accuser’s claims against the executive or professional by demonstrating that the accuser is unworthy of belief and/or that accuser harbors illegitimate motives for his or her accusations. In the alternative, we make the case that even if the assertions were true, those assertions would constitute neither unlawful harassment nor a violation of the employer’s code of conduct.

Unlawful harassment is a term of art in Manhattan. There are two types of workplace harassment: quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment harassment.

Quid pro quo harassment is a supervisor’s demand for sexual favors from an employee where granting or withholding of a job benefit (that is, tangible employment action which explicitly alters terms or conditions of employment) is involved.

Hostile work environment harassment involves conduct so objectively offensive as to alter the conditions of the victim’s environment, which is subjectively perceived as hostile or intimidating. Hostile work environment unreasonably interferes with the victim’s job performance. Hostile work environment harassment occurs because of the victim’s gender (or any other protected characteristic).

My law firm prepares, on behalf of executives and professionals, letter briefs to employers explaining, among other points, that the executive’s or professional’s alleged conduct does not rise to the level of hostile work environment harassment.

If you are an executive or a professional in the Manhattan, NY metro area and your employer is internally investigating you for unlawful sexual harassment, other unlawful workplace harassment, or other misconduct, call Manhattan Workplace Harassment Lawyer David S. Rich at (347) 835-5688 today.

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