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Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment lawyer

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“David Rich goes the extra mile in the relevant aspects needed to win a case. He was supremely humble and respectful of me as his client, but a lion with the adversaries. His professionalism is beyond reproach. He has an impressive courtroom demeanor and an arsenal of sound and devastating rebuttals. I was unfairly dismissed from my job at a Fortune 500 Company. There were seven (7) alleged witnesses against me. David Rich made mincemeat out of their crooked testimonies. I won a unanimous decision. David Rich, Esq. is the real deal in business jurisprudence. If your looking for the best possible representative of your business litigation, decide on “The Hammer,” David Rich.”

Shadeed A.

“We had a pleasant experience with David. We had a case that was very involved and thought we would lose it entirely. David’s exceptional knowledge as well as patience with us put our minds at ease so we knew he was the right attorney to handle our case. The end result was favorable to us. David was very empathetic every step of the way. We highly recommend him for all legal needs.”

Toni D.

“David is great at what he does and has given me great advice over the years. A phenomenal employment lawyer.”

Mary A.

“I can unreservedly recommend David S. Rich. He quickly got to grips with a complex issue and stayed in close coordination on all aspects throughout the process. He was meticulous in every detail and showed tenacity to get a successful outcome.”

Mike W.

“David Rich was very professional working on my NYC labor law case. His attention to detail and effort to educate me on the legal statues helped me make decisions. I highly recommend Mr. Rich in this area.”

Wayne P.

“Above the bar. Mr. Rich lends his extensive legal knowledge combined with understanding the human factors involved. Mr. Rich consistently treats me with respect, empathy, and leverages his extensive knowledge to support the desired outcomes of my situation.”

Christopher W.

“A lawsuit is an extremely stressful situation. David Rich provided me with a sense of calm and direction on how to proceed across every step of the process. He was always updating me on the situation and giving his recommendation on action to be taken. If asked, I would recommend David and if I ever run into this situation again, David is the person I would call.”

Tom D.

“David had helped me with a case that I had. David was extremely quick to speak with me and have a meeting to review the details of my case. Meeting with David (Unlike other lawyers I spoke with) it was clear that he was prepared, educated, and experienced. On our first meeting, he reviewed not only my case but cases that were similar to mine, their outcome, and the difference between both cases. David spent ample time reviewing my case and preparing me. It was apparent that he had put the time and dedication to my case and at no point did I ever question is honesty or opinion. I would highly recommend David for anyone who is looking for law services in regard to the financial services industry. If there was an ability to provide more stars I would.”

Sam L.

“Quite simply David is the best. He was tremendous in helping me resolve a legal issue, and throughout the entire process he was professional, empathetic, and gave me expert (and honest) advice starting from day one.

No matter where you are in your legal process, I highly recommend speaking with David as part of your own diligence as I chose him over a multitude of other attorneys. Thank you David, I know I made the right choice!”

James N.

“I worked with David on my case and he was simply wonderful. He was quick to meet, knowledgable about process and eased many of my concerns and answered all of my questions. At the end, the case was decided in my favor and David was central to this success. I recommend him unreservedly.”

Tim R.

“David Rich obtained an excellent result for me in a court case in which the odds were stacked against me. I am very pleased with Mr. Rich’s services. I would retain Mr. Rich again in a heartbeat.”

Terry S.

“Great treatment and service. He is very well informed on the law and will answer any questions you have.”

Gennadiy D.

“David Rich is an especially productive, competent and dedicated lawyer. I had seven (7) company witnesses against me. I had no witnesses. Mr. Rich won the case for me with full back pay, and with seniority and benefits intact. Sincerely,”

Shadeed A.

“David and his team were very helpful when an issue involving a prior employer came up for me. He asked me the right questions to understand the situation and he did his research in a timely manner to check where I stood legally. He made sure my voice was heard to prevent the case from going any further and keeping me out of harm’s way legally. I received a favorable outcome thanks to his diligence and I would certainly use his firm again in the future if more issues arise for me. Thank you David and team!”

Laura K.

“I had issue with my Long Term Disability. David was able to restart it.”

Dipika S.

“David Rich is an excellent attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients. David dedicated long hours and came prepare to WIN. I highly recommend this attorney!”

Anthony G.

“Mr. Rich is a highly knowledgeable and competent attorney who worked hard to represent me. I practice forensic/clinical psychology in a legal setting and know many attorneys. I can say without reservation that Mr. Rich’s legal acumen and devotion to his work are unrivaled.”

David J.

“I was treated with respect and was certainly kept up to date. David very much pays attention to detail and he’s giving you his full dedication. You would feel comfortable that he really knows what he’s doing.”

Yoel L.

“David was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, he made me feel very relaxed and in “good hands”. Punctual, detailed, immediate follow-up and excellent service.”

Brent S.

“Mr. Rich is very professional and very detail oriented keeps me involved in every change in my case. I highly recommend the law offices of Mr. Rich. Extremely Happy!”

Jorge O.

“I was treated with respect and had all my questions answered. I was confident that he can do the work that I needed to be done and there was very comfortable with hiring him. I was treated with respect and courtesy while being constantly informed about my case. He was always available to answer questions and was well versed in the law. I would recommend him and hire him again if needed.”

Gennadiy D.

“I was very comfortable with David Rich in how he treated me and my case. He was very respectful, and professional in how he handled my case. He is very knowledgeable of laws that govern my case and helped me work through a problem every step of the way.”

Sharron S.

“With Respect & very Professional. Did what was needed to resolve the issue.”

Steve S.

“Professional and personable.”

William J.


Jason R.

“Good, professional and patient.”

Weishu G.

“It was just a single consultation but you provided a lot of very valuable information. In this situation, it became a workers comp lawsuit so our insurance company took over the legal counsel. Friendly, accessible, information and options were made very clear.”

Mona R.

5 Stars rating

Bill B.

5 Stars rating

Jacob D.

5 Stars rating

Allen R.

5 Stars rating

Jan E.