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Employment Law For Executives And Professionals in Manhattan, NY

A fundamental tenet of employment law in Manhattan is that the employer must compensate the employee in accordance with their agreement, whether written or oral. An employer’s failure or refusal to pay, to the employee, agreed-upon salary, earned commissions, or earned bonuses violates this fundamental principle. Employees may, and often should, take legal action to remedy such wrongs.

It is common, although not required, for executives in Manhattan to have written employment agreements that provide for, among other things, payment of salary and of bonuses.

Likewise, in the Empire State, certain categories of professional employees, such as medical doctors and dentists, frequently have written employment contracts that state the professional’s salary and terms under which the professional may earn bonuses.

In Manhattan, a commissioned salesperson’s pay agreement or employment agreement must be in writing and signed by both the employer and the salesperson.

Regardless of where you live or work in Manhattan, from 10003 to 10069, it is crucial to find the best Manhattan City Employment Attorney in your area to right any legal wrongs that your employer has done to you.

So if you are an executive or a professional in the Manhattan City metro area and you believe that you have been wrongfully fired; you believe that you’ve been deprived of salary, bonuses, commissions, or other wages that are owed to you; or your employer is internally investigating you for unlawful workplace harassment or other misconduct, call the Law Offices of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, as soon as possible.

Manhattan employment lawyer David S. Rich vigorously advocates for professionals and executives in Manhattan who have been unlawfully terminated or denied their earned compensation, or whose employers are internally investigating them for unlawful harassment at work or other misbehavior. To maximize your likelihood of winning your lawsuit against your employer, it’s crucial that you find and retain a capable employment lawyer. At the Law Offices of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, we have the experience, ethics, and excellence to give you the most favorable odds of succeeding in reaching your legal goals.

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Manhattan Employment Lawyer

You may think that, even without an experienced attorney, you can persuade your employer to compensate you for your wrongful firing or to tender, to you, your unpaid salary, commissions, or bonuses. Unfortunately, you are almost certainly mistaken.

For example, let’s say you believe that you’ve been denied salary, bonuses, commissions, or other wages that are owed to you, or that your employer has failed or refused to reasonably accommodate your disability. You might complain to your supervisor or to your employer’s human resources professionals.

However, unless you have retained an employment attorney who, at minimum, has drafted a complaint setting forth your allegations and claims and has sent it to your employer with a short letter, your supervisor will likely reject or ignore your grievances.

Further, in Manhattan, it is unlawful for your employer or your manager to fire or to discriminate in any other manner against you for, among other actions, opposing any unlawful discriminatory practice or complaining to your employer that the employer failed to pay, to you wages that you earned or that you, reasonably and in good faith, believe you’ve earned, Despite this prohibition on retaliation, and unless you bring your grievances to your employer through a skilled Manhattan Employment Attorney in 10028, your employer may unlawfully fire or otherwise discipline you for demanding your unpaid salary, commissions, or bonuses.

Unless you have adept counsel, your complaints to your employer may prompt your employer to fire or otherwise punish you, and thereby cause you financial, physical, or emotional harm. So it is essential that you promptly retain an adroit employment attorney. At the Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, we zealously advocate for our clients, and we prosecute executives’ and professionals’ claims against corporations and organizations both large and small.

The Law Offices of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer has nearly twenty-five years of experience representing executives and professionals in employment lawsuits in Manhattan. We have the skill and diligence to properly litigate, arbitrate, or negotiate your employment matter. From day one, we will address your concerns, answer your questions, and champion your legal cause. To set up an initial consultation for any employment law issues you are facing as an executive or professional in 10038, call the Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer,.

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Why Hiring The Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, As Soon As Possible Is In Your Best Interest

Few executives or professionals in Manhattan are foolhardy enough to bring and prosecute lawsuits against their companies without retaining an employment attorney.

However, some professionals wrongly think that, without hiring an employment lawyer, they can competently file and prosecute, before an administrative agency, a charge of discrimination against their employer. Likewise, some executives misguidedly believe that, without engaging an employment attorney, they can adeptly take part, with their employer, in a mediation of the executive’s work-related dispute. It’s not so.

Lawsuits, administrative charges of discrimination, and employment arbitrations and mediations against or with one’s employer are all laden with procedural minefields beyond the knowledge of a layperson. For example, under the exhaustion doctrine, claims not raised in a charge of discrimination in employment may be barred in court if they are not reasonably related to the claim filed with the administrative agency. An employee who delays retaining counsel until a late stage of the legal process against his or her employer is likely to have made fatal errors that counsel can no longer correct.

To ensure that, from the outset, your lawsuit or arbitration against, or your pre-lawsuit negotiation with, your employer is expertly prosecuted, contact Manhattan City Employment Attorney David S. Rich as soon as you come to believe that your employer may have wronged you.

The law of the workplace, in 10065 and beyond, is constantly, and often quickly, evolving. In the ever-changing landscape of law and the workplace, executives and professionals have a great need for a skillful employment lawyer.

Indeed, in Manhattan, the very distinctions between lawful firings and unlawful terminations periodically shift. For example, effective January 26, 2022, Manhattan dramatically expanded the categories of conduct by employees for which employers may not fire, suspend, demote or otherwise retaliate against those employees.

Therefore, to learn whether your employer’s discipline or termination of you has breached federal, Manhattan State, or Manhattan City laws, and what your remedies are for any such breaches, it behooves you to schedule an initial consultation with Manhattan City Employment Lawyer David S. Rich as soon as possible.

What To Do Now

At the Law Offices of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, we understand that your position as an executive or professional in the City, and the compensation that you’ve earned in that job, are extremely important to you. It’s essential that you request an initial consultation with us as early as possible.

We’ll interview you about the facts of your matter. We’ll talk with you about your rights and remedies. Provided that you retain us, we’ll pursue your rights and remedies through a lawsuit, through negotiation with your employer, or both. For skilled and zealous representation in all employment matters in Manhattan, reach out to, and count on, the Law Offices of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer.

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