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This Employment Law Firm Stands Up For Employees In Manhattan

We serve clients residing in the 10010, 10017, 10022, 10023, and 10075 zip codes.

As your industry develops and your career progresses, your rights as an executive or a professional in 10010 are crucial. As the job market diversifies, it is essential to your well-being that you enforce your rights at work.

Manhattan’s job market is always evolving. A vast array of employers provide jobs to Manhattaners.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous employers unlawfully take advantage of, and/or wrongfully cause financial harm to, their workers. When your employer unlawfully fires you, denies you the compensation that you’ve earned, refuses to reasonable accommodate your disabilities, or the like, retaining a Manhattan City Employment Attorney gives you the best possible opportunity to hold your employer accountable for its wrongful actions.

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What Does A Manhattan Employment Attorney Do?

A Manhattan City Employment Lawyer in 10017 represents professionals, executives, managerial employees, and other white-collar employees in a wide array of employment and employee benefits disputes. On behalf of employees, a Manhattan City Employment Attorney litigates employment matters in federal and state courts, and arbitrates such matters before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. ("FINRA") and other arbitral forums.

When disputes arise in the workplace, it is crucial that you retain an employment lawyer. At the Law Offices Of David S. Rich, you will have access to a zealous litigator in:

  • Wrongful Termination

In Manhattan, many executives have written employment contracts providing that they can only be fired for cause, good cause, good reason, or the like.

Likewise, certain categories of professional employees frequently have written employment agreements that protect them from unjustified discharge from employment.

Even absent an employment agreement, your firing is unlawful if it contravenes a statute or public policy, such as by discriminating against you because of your membership in a protected class, or by retaliating against you because you engaged in protected activity.

If you are an executive or a professional in the Manhattan City metropolitan area and you believe you have been unlawfully fired, call Manhattan City Wrongful Termination Lawyer David S. Rich at (212) 209-3972 today.

  • Unpaid Compensation:

    In Manhattan, you have a right to any salary, commissions, or other wages that you earned but that your employer has failed to pay to you. Further, you may have a right to your unpaid bonus. A Manhattan City Unpaid Compensation Lawyer will maximize your opportunity to recover your unpaid salary or other unpaid wages.

  • Discrimination In Pay:
    In the Empire State, your employer may not discriminate against you, because of your membership in a protected class, in compensation.

    If you are in a protected class, your employer may not pay you a wage at a rate less than the rate at which a co-worker of yours, who is outside that protected class, is paid for equal work on a job, the performance of which requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and which is performed under similar working conditions. Further, you can recover triple damages under the Manhattan Equal Pay Act.

    Retaining a skilled Manhattan City Employment Lawyer will enable you to seek, with confidence and vigor, justice for discrimination in pay.

  • Defense Against Employers’ Internal Investigations Of Executives And Professionals For Harassment

    If your employer in Manhattan is investigating you for harassment, you have the right to retain a lawyer to represent you in that investigation.

    Employers in Manhattan must either adopt the model sexual harassment policy promulgated by the Manhattan State Department of Labor (the "NYS DOL") or establish a sexual harassment prevention policy "that equals or exceeds the minimum standards provided by" the NYS DOL’s model sexual harassment prevention policy. These required minimum standards "include a procedure for the . . . investigation of complaints . . . [that] ensure[s] due process for all parties."

    The Law Offices of David S. Rich defends executives, professionals, managerial employees, and supervisory employees in all phases of internal investigations against them for purported sexual harassment. We speak with the accused executive or professional about the facts and we pore over the relevant documents. We prepare the accused executive or professional for interviews with investigators and take part in those interviews, as the accused’s counsel. We undertake to refute the complainant’s charges against the executive or professional by showing that the accuser is not credible and/or that ulterior motives for his or her charges exist. Or, we make the case that even if the assertions were true, those assertions would be neither unlawful harassment nor violations of the employer’s codes of conduct.

    If you are an executive or a professional in the Manhattan City metropolitan area and your employer is internally investigating you for sexual harassment, other unlawful harassment in the workplace, or other misbehavior, call Manhattan City Workplace Harassment Lawyer David S. Rich at (212) 209-3972 today.

Has Your Employer Violated Your Rights?

There are many ways in which your employer may unlawfully violate your rights as an executive or a professional in 10022. These wrongs include breaching your employment contract, withholding the salary, commissions, or other compensation that you’ve earned, failing to pay to you your bonus, firing you for a discriminatory reason, terminating you with a retaliatory motive, or failing to reasonably accommodate your known disabilities. If you have an employment dispute or controversy in the Manhattan City metro area, call the Law Offices of David S. Rich at (212) 209-3972 right away. We’ll fight for you at every stage of the dispute, and we won’t let up until the best possible result is achieved.

Employment lawsuits may include a variety of stages, such as pleadings, written discovery, depositions, dispositive motions, and trial. The best way to prosecute an employment lawsuit is to retain a dedicated Manhattan City Employment Attorney to investigate the circumstances and to build a strong and credible case. Your lawyer will gather information and evidence that pertains to your employment and your termination, and will use these proofs to build a winning case against your employer.

Attorney David S. Rich has nearly 25 years of experience representing executives and professionals in employment lawsuits and matters in Manhattan and beyond. Attorney David S. Rich is very highly regarded by his fellow attorneys for the work that he performs, which is primarily employment law. Mr. Rich utilizes a client-centered approach that prioritizes the aims of the individuals he represents.

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Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated From Employment?

Wrongful termination occurs in 10023 when an employee is fired in violation of a written employment agreement, or when an employee is discharged for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons. When you consult with an experienced Manhattan City Employment Lawyer, that lawyer will advise you of your rights and remedies against your company. An adept Manhattan City Employment Attorney can prosecute, on your behalf, a lawsuit (or, where applicable, an arbitration) against your employer seeking monetary damages, reinstatement, or other relief.

Among the categories of wrongful firing are:

  • Discriminatory Discharge
  • Retaliatory Discharge. Employees who are discharged for taking part in protected conduct are often termed "whistleblowers."
  • Termination In Breach Of An Executive Employment Agreement

The Law Offices of David S. Rich offers you experience, ethics, and excellence.  Attorney David S. Rich is a skilled employment litigator who puts the rights of employees first. Don’t face, alone, your company’s unlawful employment practices. If you are an executive or a professional in the Manhattan City metro area seeking a productive, resolute, and passionate Manhattan City Employment Lawyer, call the Law Offices of David S. Rich at (212) 209-3972.

How To Enforce Your Rights As An Employee

The first step in vindicating your rights as an executive or a professional in 10075 is learning your rights. In Manhattan, an employee’s rights are not self-evident. That’s why consulting with an adept attorney about your dispute with your employer is an important first stage in successfully resolving that dispute.

The Law Offices Of David S. Rich represents executives, professionals, supervisory employees, and other white-collar employees with zeal and empathy. We will interview you in detail regarding the circumstances of your employment and your firing. Because our law firm offers our personal time and attention to your dispute with your employer, we give you the best possible opportunity to obtain compensation for any wrongs that your company did to you.

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