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Must My Employer In Manhattan Explain To Me How My Employer Computed The Compensation That It Paid To Me Lawyer, ManhattanNew York Labor Law Section 195(iii) provides that upon the request of an employee, an employer “must furnish” to the employee “an explanation in writing of how” the employer “computed” the “wages” that is paid to the employee. These “wages” for which the employer must explain in writing include commissions and bonuses. Again, New York Labor Law Section 190(i) states that wages mean, among other things, the earnings of an employee for labor or services rendered regardless of whether the amount of payment is determined on a time, piece, commission, or other basis.

Any employee or a former employee who, upon his or her request, is not provided as New York Labor Law section 195(iii) requires an explanation in writing of how the employer computed the wages that it paid to the employee “shall” recover in a civil action damages of $250 “for each workday that the violations occurred or continued to occur” but not to exceed $500,000 “together with costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.”

If you are an executive or a professional in the Manhattan, NYC metro area and you believe you’ve been denied salary, bonusescommissions, or other wages that are owed to you, call Manhattan Unpaid Wages Lawyer David S. Rich at (347) 835-5688 today.

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