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The Many Benefits Of Working With A Manhattan Employment Law Attorney

Finding yourself in a tough spot as an employee can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience, especially if you are at odds with or are not receiving the support you need from your employer. Many of the employment law issues an attorney can assist with are usually incredibly impactful events that can be significantly detrimental to future employment opportunities and even your everyday life. Since these events can be so severe, finding the best employment law attorney in the 10007 to 10024 area as quickly as possible is a wise decision.

At the Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, we strive to find the best possible solution for every professional or executive who seeks our help. Especially in Manhattan, it can feel like standing up for your rights as an employee is like David standing up to Goliath. Whether you are facing down a corporation or a smaller employer, our specialty is ensuring your rights are protected and aggressively fought for. With experience litigating issues to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome and the resources and knowledge to help them along every step of the way, there is no better place to turn in 10018.

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Why Hiring A Manhattan Employment Law Attorney Can Make The Difference In Your Case

Benefits Of Working With Employment Lawyer Manhattan Manhattan

While almost every employee is at least somewhat aware of the various protections afforded them by the State of New York and the employment laws in Manhattan, knowing how actually to recover unpaid salary, bonuses, commissions, or other wages or to or fight a wrongful termination requires an in-depth knowledge of the court system.  For example, if your employer has not paid, to you, your bonus or your earned commissions and they will not work with you to make the situation right, it is time to seek the services of a local wage law attorney.

A fundamental understanding between an executive or a professional and their employer is that the services provided by the professional will be compensated in accordance with the employer’s and the professional’s written or oral agreement.

However, sometimes the employer refuses to pay, to the executive or professional, his or her agreed-upon salary or wages.  In such circumstances, action needs to be taken to ensure that the employer’s unlawful failure to pay the salary, commissions, or bonuses is remedied. For the best employment attorney to recover your unpaid wages, call the Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, and schedule your initial consultation.

Especially in cases involving your ability to work and earn a salary, it is crucial to find a professional to assist you since any mistakes or missteps in the process can mean severe consequences and repercussions on your livelihood. An unpaid compensation attorney can help you navigate the process efficiently and effectively and get you back on track to living the life you enjoy with the compensation to which you are entitled. In addition, employers are often much more likely to heed your action if you have an attorney backing you since it displays that you are serious and will not back down without a fight for what you are entitled to. So, for service in 10019 and beyond, call the Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, to get started.

Workplace Retaliation- How An Attorney Can Help

Professionals and executives in the borough Of Manhattan are protected from retaliation in the workplace for standing up for their rights or seeking the salary or other payments they have earned.

More specifically, in the borough Of Manhattan, an employer, a supervisor, or a co-worker may not retaliate or discriminate against an employee who:

  • opposes any unlawful discriminatory practice;
  • brings a discrimination or harassment complaint;
  • testifies or aids in any legal proceeding for discrimination or harassment;
  • aids the borough Of Manhattan Commission on Human Rights  or the borough Of Manhattan Corporation Counsel’s office in an inquiry about discrimination or harassment; or
  • provides information to the City Commission on Human Rights under the conditions of an agreement settling a discrimination or harassment complaint.

If you are an executive or a professional in the borough Of Manhattan metro area and you believe you have been suffered a retaliatory termination, call the borough Of Manhattan Wrongful Termination Attorney David S. Rich today.

Unlawful Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment at work includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Attempted or actual sexual assault;
  • Any unwelcome touching or physical contact of a sexual nature;
  • Direct or indirect bribes for, or threats of, unwelcome sexual conduct;
  • Pressure for sexual acts accompanied by implicit promises of favorable treatment or threats regarding a person’s employment status;
  • Repetitiously asking a person out on dates or to have sex;
  • Stalking;
  • Ogling or leering in an untoward manner;
  • Gender-based or sexually charged name-calling;
  • Untruthfully accusing a person of getting promoted at the company by giving sexual favors;
  • Rating a person’s sexuality;
  • Spreading innuendo about a person’s sexuality;
  • Graffiti about a person’s sexuality;
  • Stereotypical comments or comments relating to pregnancy or looks;
  • Sexually charged comments;
  • Repeated jokes about sex;
  • Letters, notes, electronic mail messages, text messages, Slack messages, telephone conversations, or material of a sexual nature;
  • Displays of photographs, posters, calendars, cartoons or other materials with sexually explicit or graphic content; and
  • Sexually suggestive sounds or mimicry.

If you work or live in the borough Of Manhattan metro area and you believe that you’ve been subjected to sexual harassment or other unlawful workplace harassment, contact the borough Of Manhattan Employment Attorney David S. Rich to set up an initial consultation.

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How To Navigate An Unlawful Dismissal or Wrongful Termination Claim

Benefits Of Working With Employment Lawyer Manhattan Manhattan

The means by which an unlawful or wrongful termination claim can be handled effectively are complicated and require a breadth of knowledge many professionals in 10021 do not possess. However, this is not an issue when working with a wrongful termination attorney with experience in helping employees throughout Manhattan ensure that they are protected and that their rights are preserved.

To find out whether you are a member of a protected group or your situation falls into the category of wrongful termination or unlawful dismissal, call the Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer. We can discuss your potential claim and get started on a solution as quickly as possible.

When To Contact A Manhattan Employment Law Attorney

As soon as you suspect you have been the victim of unlawful treatment, either through unpaid wages, discrimination, or retaliation, it is time to get in touch with an attorney. The sooner the attorney can become involved, the fewer chances for mistakes and setbacks there will be, allowing you the best chances at a favorable outcome.

To get started, call the Law Offices Of David S. Rich - Employment Lawyer, to schedule an initial consultation, and get yourself on your way to the outcome you deserve!

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