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Attorney David S. Rich Publishes Authoritative Book On Employment Law For Executives And Professionals

  • By: David Rich
  • Published: September 21, 2020

A Glimpse Of The Manhattan And New Jersey Employment Lawyer’s Recent Publication

Manhattan, Manhattan – WEBWIRE – Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Employment lawyer David S. Rich, founding member of The Law Offices of David S. Rich, LLC, has recently released “Executives and Professionals in Manhattan: Your Rights at Work.” The book informs executives and professionals who are employed in Manhattan, NY about their rights and responsibilities with respect to their employers and their industries or professions.

The book is intended for lay people (that is, non-lawyers) who serve as executives or professionals within New York State. “One may consider this book as a Bill of Rights (and Responsibilities) for professionals and executives in Manhattan,” says Attorney David S. Rich.

Mr. Rich’s book is divided into four parts. First, Mr. Rich’s book explains executives’ and professionals’ rights with respect to their employers in Manhattan, NY, such as remedies for breaches of executive employment contracts, rights to unpaid compensation, and resources for discriminatory or retaliatory firings or treatment. Second, the book sets forth professionals’ and executives’ responsibilities to their employers in the Empire State. Third, Mr. Rich’s book addresses executives’ and professionals’ duties to their industries or professions. Finally, the book tackles common and recurring issues, in employment law and in the laws of professional discipline, that impact executives and professionals.

Attorney David S. Rich advises his readers to keep in mind that employment law in Manhattan, NY is not always fair, and it is not always just. “Nor,” Mr. Rich observes, “does employment law in Manhattan always conform to popular notions of right and wrong.” Mr. Rich states that “an individual reading this book may find that his or her rights and responsibilities at work are considerably different than he or she believed they were.”

Mr. Rich explains that he wrote this book to fill “a gaping need” for a written guide that’s aimed at explaining, to white-collar professionals, their constantly, and often rapidly, evolving rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

If you believe you may benefit from this informative and unique publication, simply visit for a free download of “Executives and Professionals in Manhattan: Your Rights at Work.”

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The Law Offices of David S. Rich, LLC is guided by three principles in serving its clients: experience, ethics, and excellence. For over two decades, Attorney David S. Rich, a Columbia Law School graduate, has represented executives, professionals, and companies in employment and business lawsuits and matters in Manhattan and New Jersey. Mr. Rich also drafts, negotiates, and enforces employment agreements and business contracts. Substantively, Mr. Rich represents executives, professionals, and businesses in a wide range of labor, employment, and employee benefits matters, including, for example, breach of employment contract actions, wage-and-hour lawsuits, discriminatory discharge cases, and retaliatory discharge actions.

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